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Venomous Icons

Rockstar entertainment presents:
Venomous Icons


Layout pictures of Amy Lee of Evanescence

Layout lyrics are Cassie by Flyleaf


*Please comment on entries you take things from

*Credit the way the maker asks- if they don’t tell you how, credit icons in your keywords and everything else in the userinfo

*Do not claim things as your own

*Don’t take the layout graphics

*Do not hotlink

Use lj-cuts for long posts and requests

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Goodbye. [{Sunday}
{09.18.05 | 10:37pm}]

[ mood | frustrated ]

Ok, sorry but this community no longer serves a purpose. I'm going to close it. From now on, all graphics requests can be made in a comment at my personal graphics journal- aerumnosus Maybe I'll bring this community back later on. Love you, bye.

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{08.25.05 | 11:47pm}]

[ mood | cranky ]

Ev, LC, Alexis, Disney, Keira, HP, LJ, Mana, Coldplay and more graphics, plus xj layouts here.

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RBK's latest artwork/logo for a flyer [{Wednesday}
{07.27.05 | 02:37pm}]

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Graphics [{Sunday}
{07.17.05 | 05:41pm}]

Lots of Evanescence, Ben Moody, and other graphics here. Click me.
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request for aliceunbelongng [{Saturday}
{07.16.05 | 04:01pm}]

requestCollapse )
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Promo [{Friday}
{06.03.05 | 02:46am}]

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{06.01.05 | 07:28pm}]


Got some graphics for ya. Lets see if I can beat my record of 90 comments.

I found no rhythm I would rhyme so I rhyme rhythm for the peopleCollapse )

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{05.29.05 | 04:25pm}]

[ mood | amused ]

Hey umm well... it's time that this community woke up!! Summer's here for me now, and since I will be stuck at home all this time (sadly) I am hoping to be occupied with requests from you guys... I have to do alot of work for my community, _______amy, but that isn't enough! Please? I know my work isn't the best, but give me a try! Practice makes perfect!

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So... um.. yeah... I'll try to be a maker [{Tuesday}
{05.17.05 | 11:27pm}]

[ mood | angry ]

Hey all, I be new... and I want to be a maker here (if you consider me good enough), so here are examples of my workCollapse )

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Request for Aliceunbelongng [{Sunday}
{05.15.05 | 02:33am}]

[ mood | tired ]

Hey I've seen you in a few communitites im in and i love your work. So i was wondering if you could make me an icon with amy lee from the anywhere but home dvd where she's making the apron.

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{05.02.05 | 09:02pm}]

Reminder: You can not put my graphics on other sites. The only people with permission to do that are RazorBladeKisses. My graphics are ok on journal sites when you credit. Don't claim my stuff as your own. Basically, don't steal. Seeing my stuff on other sites really bugs me 'cause I take my time to do this and I don't get credit. It's plain rude of people to ignore my rules on purpose. /rant>
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Request for aliceunbelongng [{Monday}
{04.18.05 | 02:59pm}]

I just joined this community, and I must say, you really make beautiful icons. I'm not really familiar with icon making and I wanted to ask if you would be willing to make this for me, it should be fairly easy. I will credit.

The picture I want is located here http://www.cruxshadows.com/roguegallery.html Its the one in the upper left corner.

For text, I would like it to say You can't erase the poets fate not even if you try

I'm not really familiar with the different font styles so whatever works best. For text color, I think either black or white will work but again, whatever seems to work best with the pic

As far as animation goes, I would like a flash(I think thats what its called) where it goes from You can't erase at the top to the poets fate at the bottom to not even if you try back at the top.

I'd like to say thank you and I greatly appreciate it in advance if you decide to do this for me.
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{04.10.05 | 06:16pm}]


Graphics sharing time-weeeeeCollapse )

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Promo [{Saturday}
{03.12.05 | 09:00pm}]


I can't seem to remember whether I'm breaking my own rules with this promo...o_O

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{03.11.05 | 11:43pm}]

It's been fun, but I just don't have time to make enough graphics to post with anymore; not to mention I don't think I make things that interest anyone here anyway, so I'm gonna go ahead and pull out.

I still update my icon/art journal: valparis if anyone is actually interested.

Thanks for putting up with me.
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{01.26.05 | 06:19pm}]


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{01.02.05 | 02:27pm}]

[ mood | calm ]


Hey folks! Could someone make me an icon using this pic from Moulin Rouge? (scroll down) I would like it to say 'The greatest thing you'll ever learn, is just to love and be loved in return' and you would probably have to make it animated so it could say all that! Pretty please? =D And if you're really good lol maybe after its said it, a heart? That looks like its being drawn? If that makes sense?


 I would give utmost credit and hugs to anyone who would do that for me! Thanks

Blessed Be








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