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Venomous Icons

Molevolance in it's Greatest Form

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This community is currently CLOSED. Requests for aliceunbelongng can be made at aerumnosus

Welcome to the community, venomous_icons This is a graphic community meant for graphic makers, requests, and freebee graphics. Look at the details below before joining. Have fun. : )

*No stealing
*use lj-cuts for long posts and requests
*don't bug us about how long something takes


you don't have to use the request form if you know how to request

Request form
[1] Who would you want to request from? (request a maker) please put this part in your entry title
[2] What kind of graphics are you looking for?
[3] If it's a banner, how big do you want it to be?
[4] What pictures do you want to be used? either give us the link or post it under a lj cut.
[5] colors?
[6] Text?
[7] What kind of fonts do you want?
[8] Do you want animation? if so, explain it or give us an example.
[9] Anything else? (if you have an example, show us here)

If you'd like to be a maker, please join and post your examples behind an lj-cut or fake lj-cut(link).



These are the makers graphic examples:



Disobey the rules and you'll be banned and put on the wall of shame. We hope this doesn't happen.

bi_goth_n_alone for modifying and stealing graphics, and refusing to credit

deathsayshello for refusing to credit-how bloody hard is that?

If you'd like to become an affilate, please join and post your link and button.

ev_origin _pedofolio _whored